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Tax Matters – Budget 2017

A continued commitment to growth | Keeping tax payers honest | CGT events affecting shareholders | Rates increase for fuel tax credits | Building a sustainable lifestyle | ATO to report unpaid debts | A better workplace | A guide to negative gearing | Speed up your BAS refund

Tax Matters – March 2017

Extended deadline for SMSF | CGT exemptions for depreciation assets | ATO issues ruling on bad debts | Simpler BAS for small businesses 

Tax Matters – December 2016

ATO develops safe harbour for car fringe benefits | Changing the structure of your business | ATO crackdown on trusts | Selling an inherited property 

Tax Matters – September 2016

ATO warns pre-retirees on SMSF tax schemes | ATO crackdown on work-related expenses | How do franking credits work? | Tax tips for property investors 

Tax Matters Budget 2016

Federal Budget – small business | Industries on the ATO’s radar this year | Federal Budget – superannuation changes | ATO to focus on collectables | Federal Budget – Individuals | Tax on gifts and donations | Federal Budget – flexible super 

Tax Matters – March 2016

ATO crackdown on rental property tax claims | Limits for FBT Benefits | Calculating your property’s GST | Calculating tax on share transfers

Tax Matters – December 2015

Applying for a tax witholding variation | Claiming tax deductions for your website | Selling your business | Tax-deductible overseas trips

Tax Matters – September 2015

ATO focuses on rental property deductions | Training course deductions | Reducing holiday house CGT | Work related expenses on ATO hit list 

Tax Matters Budget Edition 2015

Personal tax measures | Budget focus on stimulating small business activity | Fuel tax credit rate increases | R&D and other incentives | Property damage considerations for investors | Tax shortfall disclosure commended | Budget outlook for individuals and families | Power to amend fraud and evasion | CGT issues for the granny flat 

Tax Matters – March 2015 

Negative gearing for property investors | Share transactions: ATO digging deep into records | Minimising your FBT bill | ATO targets motor vehicles 

Tax Matters – December 2014

Bad debts for tax purposes | ATO cracking down on dividend washing | Small business CGT concessions | Travel and car related tax deductions

Tax Matters – September 2014

Avoiding the usual GST errors | Claiming personal technology as a tax deduction | ATO targets false Medicare exemptions | Division 7A and family breakdown